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Des Femmes newsletter - Issue #12

Des Femmes newsletter
Des Femmes newsletter
Hello and welcome to the first Des Femmes newsletter of 2022! 👋

Our first print magazine is officially on shelves at Barnes & Noble, Chapters, and Books-A-Million bookstores across North America!! Tell us what you would like to see in future issues by contacting us at or reach out on Twitter via @desfemmesmag.
Samir Mr. Magazine™ Husni
Here’s to the first magazine launch of the year: Des Femmes. A community of women growing wealth. Congratulations. @desfemmesmag @mpamagmedia @FIPPWorld @BoSacks @AdsAndIdeas @Linda_Ruth @PrintMediaCentr @newsstandpromos @PIConnects
Now, without further ado, please allow us to introduce you to Ariana the Techie, a Web3 founder and self-proclaimed NFT enthusiast. We over here at Des Femmes love her vibes. She is pure energy. She’s smart, tough, direct, and humble, all rolled into one badass engineer-turned-startup founder. “Engineering my way to wealth” is her tag line on Twitter. WAGMI. 🤓 
As you might have noticed, the Web3 world is becoming a little obsessed with NFTs and Ariana the Techie, the tech podcaster and full-stack software engineer behind the fine art NFT marketplace, Mueshi, is one of the prominent NFT figureheads that has recently caught our attention.
Ariana the Techie
Ariana the Techie
After chatting with her, it’s no wonder why she landed at the 2021 HF0 in Miami, a three-month residency accelerator program which helps developers refine their concepts and pitch potential investors. (👉Apply by January 21 to join the 2022 cohort by filling out this quick and easy form!👈) After putting together a winning team of all-black women at Miami Hack Week in April, Ariana connected with Lucy Guo and Dave Fontenot, founders of Backend Capital and they encouraged her to apply.
The road to HF0 and the launch of her blockchain startup, Mueshi, began at Tuskegee University, where Ariana dove into engineering. By the end of her sophomore year, she realized that to truly pursue her passion, dropping out would be her best option. So off she went to Michigan, where she completed a 3-month coding boot camp and launched into the Grand Rapids startup scene. She tore it up, working through two startups and launching her podcast. 
Always looking ahead, Ariana made a bold decision. She moved to Miami.
“I moved to Miami looking for a fresh start after overcoming many personal obstacles last year,” she said. Once there, Ariana immediately connected with the hacker community via Miami Hack Week.  
By October, she was one of 12 founders (becoming one of three women in that position) at HF0. “HF0 literally changed my life. I did a complete 180,” she said of the program.
The life-changing experience of working and living in an accelerator is exactly what HF0 founders @lucy_guo and @davefontenot were shooting for when they created the program. Everyone gets free housing, laundry, and food at HF0, which makes it easy to focus on creating a winning pitch. 
“Dave and I met in a community house full of engineers,” Guo said. “I saw how helpful it was for everyone to live together - people jammed on ideas, helped debug each other’s projects, and even found cofounders within the house.”
Days at HF0 were filled with talking, hacking, and visitors, including Ryan Breslow, Justin Kan, Keith Rabois, and investors from firms like Polychain Capital and Dragonfly Capital. Many of the founders ended up raising $20m-60m valuations by Demo Day only 10 weeks into the program. 
At HF0, Ariana began refining the idea around her startup, which would focus on art. In January 2021, she set a goal to fly at least once a month to different cities, visiting a variety of museums. Inspired by HF0 and the imagery used in Beyoncé and Jay-Z music videos, plus inspiration from the Basquiat painting “Equals Pi (1982),” she created Mueshi, a marketplace to buy, sell, and fractionally own fine art NFTs.
Today, Ariana is busy raising her seed round and hiring a team. Investors, connect with Ariana here and sign-on! ✋✋ 
“Community is important,” she said. “You can’t do anything without community. Miami really supported me.” She credits @lucy_guo, @davefontenot, Emily Liu, Nirva Boursiquot (founder of Kinfolk and Black Women Talk Tech Miami), @JeanineSuah (local Miami Founder and friend), Alexandra Wilkis Wilson (entrepreneur, advisor, and investor), plus @MariaDerchi who inspired her to move to Miami via Twitter, and many others.
“I’m excited to build my company in Miami, it’s such a great ecosystem!” she added. “Connect with me to learn more!” 
Take her up on it at: 
👉 Email:
Believing in yourself and getting out there is key, she said.
“Women must be at the table for Web3, and if people don’t want to pull up a chair for you, then you put one there yourself.”
That’s the type of energy that Ariana brings to the table and the type of energy we encourage and support through our Des Femmes community. 
“We want more Ariana’s in the house, and it’s our goal to invite more to HF0 in our next batch,” Guo said. “She’s a charismatic engineer with a superpower for hiring. Her enthusiasm is contagious, and her progress drives everyone to work harder.”
👀 The next HF0 session starts in March. Anyone (of any gender!!) can apply here, especially if you are a technical founder. Ariana is one of many successful individuals to come out of the HF0 Hacker Fellowship so if you are even considering an idea, we encourage you to apply!
Also, feel free to DM Ariana if you’d like more information about the experience or 👉contact HF0 directly.
As for the broader Des Femmes community… 
Highlights of the month:
This month we’re focused on refining our community bounty program and leadership structure, starting with lessons from our print magazine.
👉 We’re in the process of onboarding dozens of new members and have successfully initiated our first bitcoin multisig wallet for our DAO!
👉Our first print magazine has HIT SHELVES!! We have learned a lot through the process and have seen great success with huge support from our community!
As with any endeavor, there have been tons of lessons learned along the way. Our first public lesson from the magazine is how to handle our first print typo. Every media outlet that has ever existed has published a mistake. It’s especially tricky when it happens in an annual print publication, because it’s nearly impossible to broadcast the correction. One of our contributors’ names in the inaugural print issue was misspelled, so now we have the opportunity to establish our corrections and publishing updates protocol! 
Firstly, we will publish the correct name with the article in a future edition of this newsletter. Next we identified how the problem occurred. There were at least 7 people who missed this typo after it was added into a revised version of the print design. Most of the magazine’s editorial staff were volunteers, collaborating with two paid freelance editors and one community bounty winner (comparable to a bug bounty in open source software projects). One way we can help avoid this mistake in the future is to make more specific reward bounties that complement the broader project bounties. 
For example, next time we can offer a crypto bounty specifically for finding typos in names. This would be more effective than only having copyediting bounties for *any* typos or mistakes. In the future we plan to optimize our editorial bounty program using insights from this inaugural print production.
We appreciate your patience as we learn in public what it means to operate as a community-driven magazine and thank you to everyone who has supported us along the way! If you’re interested in learning more about Des Femmes Magazine, be sure to follow us on Instagram via @desfemmesmag or buy an official membership here
Huge shout out to our community members for the public support, we couldn’t do this without you!
Community spotlight:
🔥 Are you in college or graduate school? Thinking about a masters but don’t know where to start? Maybe design…maybe engineering…maybe looking to learn more about bitcoin or Web3 in general? Check out this opportunity to learn more about design or development here.
🔥 After one of the Des Femmes group calls, member Sterling Schuyler started grinding away on a new section of her very own newsletter: Forever a Noob!
She hopes to use the space to highlight women in crypto, talk about resources she finds useful, and share mildly embarrassing anecdotes about her own learning journey.
She just published her messy but true guide to buying NFTs (lots of embarrassing noob moments). If you are interested, you should check out her newsletter and subscribe (for free!) here.
If you have any questions about our Des Femmes community, have any tea in need of a shoutout in our highlights, or know someone worthy of a community spotlight, reach out to us via Twitter or Instagram.
Until next time, stay curious!
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Des Femmes newsletter
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