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Des Femmes newsletter
Des Femmes newsletter
Hello and welcome to the Des Femmes newsletter! 👋

Our first print magazine is on shelves at Barnes & Noble, Chapters, and Books-A-Million bookstores across North America! Let us know what you would like to see in future issues by contacting us at or reaching out on Twitter via @desfemmesmag. Please send us a photo to be spotlighted in our following newsletter 👀
After reading about Ariana the Techie,, a ~female~ Web3 founder and self-proclaimed NFT enthusiast, in our last newsletter (if you didn’t get a chance to check it out, here is the link), we wanted to encourage our readers to follow their own passions in Web3, whatever they may be. To kickstart the New Year and encourage all of your wonderful entrepreneurial brains, here are some of the ways you can get paid for your work on on Sphinx. 
Sphinx, as you may recall from one of our newsletters in December, is a privacy-friendly bitcoin chat app. Our Des Femmes DAO accepted bitcoin as part of an advertising program for Sphinx and, as of January 2022, has been managing that first bitcoin stash together, as community key-holders. As we support our growing community, we wanted to share the rest of the Sphinx guide with you, written by Teju Adeyinka.
Paid Entry
Sphinx lets you set fees for people to engage with you or a Tribe you’ve created. You can use this to experiment with all kinds of gated experiences.
For a Tribe, you could operate a paid model that requires everybody to pay a fee or a freemium model where the Tribe is free to join. Still, particular messages or media are hidden behind a paywall. Only people who pay can access the content. Because payments are made over the lightning network, they are free, instant, and can be as tiny or large as you want. You could use this for exclusive stories, paying for “alphas,” commissioned work, etc.
You could add a fee for private messaging to set up virtual consultations or classes and take audio, and video calls within the app.
Sphinx is an excellent tool for podcasters to reach their audience directly and monetize without ads and intermediaries. The app lets you launch a new or existing podcast and build a Tribe around it. While you can set an amount to join your podcast Tribe, your listeners (patrons) can pay you per minute of air time. So, they can stream money to your wallet as they listen. Tipping you is as easy as tapping a button to send you additional payments during the show. Payments are borderless so that you can receive payments from anywhere in the world.
Handling spam is a significant problem on group messaging platforms. You have hundreds of people who share intrusive messages that do not align with the goal of the Tribe. Rather than de-platform spammers, Sphinx makes it expensive to send spam messages. Apart from setting a “gate” fee for your Tribe, you could set an amount that each member has to pay to send a message or set an amount for members to stake to share content in the group. Setting an amount to stake is essentially having them put their “money where their mouth is” to contribute positively to the group. If you select a stake amount of 100 sats for 5 hours, it means that when a user makes a post, 100 sats are removed from their wallet. If they make a post that isn’t spam, they get their money back after five hours. If they post spam and delete it, you (the moderator) receive the amount staked. This helps to un-incentivize bad behaviors and reward moderators for the hard work of keeping group chats sane.
After you’ve gotten paid (AKA stacked sats) on Sphinx, you can send it out to any lightning wallet that you own. This is done on the lightning network, so it is permissionless – there are no limits to how much you can send, cheap and fast.
As long as you are connected to the lightning network, you can not be removed from the network. As such, Sphinx is censorship-resistant. It is also open-source, so the source code for the app is auditable, and anyone can contribute to improving it and building applications on it. 
Sphinx gives power to you as a creator to build your audience knowing that you cannot be rugged or de-platformed. You can connect with people from everywhere in the world, share your work, receive payments and even support other creators. If you’re interested in trying it out, you can do so here.
Highlights of the month:
Check out this podcast hosted by Saira Rahman and Megan McShane that featured our girl-boss founder Leigh Cuen chatting about the Des Femmes DAO.
Joyce Yang 🧘‍♀️
One of my personal goals is to see more women in @Globalcoinrsrch , and continue to invest and support awesome female founders like @sariazout , partnering with the wonderful @desfemmesmag @La__Cuen , or simply having more women invest in GCR

Come chat with US!
We are LOVING the hype around our print magazine on Twitter! Thank you to our readers for the support…below are some of our favorite shoutouts. If you want to see yourself featured, tag us @desfemmesmag
If you don’t take your copy of @desfemmesmag to the beach then what are you doing? 🏝🌺
Community Spotlight:
Our community just recently had its first-ever NFT collection launch via OpenSea! Over the past six weeks, we launched the Des Femmes NFT program, which had 3 unique NFTs for sale and an airdrop to nearly 20 of our community members. If I were you, I would keep your eyes peeled for more upcoming drops👀.
Here’s a quote from Des Femmes holiday collection NFT artist Miriam Reza about her involvement with our NFT program:
“This was my first NFT collection…Working with Des Femmes helped provide an opportunity for me to step into the web3 space.”
We love supporting our community and are so proud of Miriam on this successful drop!! The passion of the women in this space is unmatched and I am thrilled to support my Web3 cohorts just as I know they are thrilled to support me.
Des Femmes Classifieds:
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Until next time, stay curious!
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