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Des Femmes newsletter - Issue #14

Des Femmes newsletter
Des Femmes newsletter
Hello and welcome to the Des Femmes newsletter! 👋

If you are new here, welcome!! Des Femmes is building a professional network that empowers women to become leaders and innovators in traditionally male-dominated fields. We want to increase the power of women by growing their bank accounts—and their choices. We’re doing that by fostering a community interested in tech, money, and finance. 
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In honor of Valentine’s Day, we thought you could use a little self-love… by nurturing the bacteria that keep our gut healthy, our skin clear, and our bodies functioning. Here’s the scoop from our friends Jessica Defino and Zeina Amhaz.
Hi, hello! Did you know that there are a trillion microorganisms living in and on your body controlling everything from your feelings to your face?
It’s not as strange as it sounds. Those microorganisms—a potpourri of bacteria, viruses, fungi, parasites, mites, and more—are collectively known as the microbiome, and you wouldn’t be alive without ‘em.
The gut microbiome was recently coined the “second brain” because of its importance to overall health. From regulating mood to fighting off disease, the gut microbiome is linked to nearly every process and organ in the body, including the skin. 
The health of your gut microbiome is often reflected in the skin via what’s called the Gut-Skin Axis. Gut problems like indigestion, inflammation, or leaky gut can surface in the form of acne, rosacea, or dullness. One study found that people with rosacea were more likely to have small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO), and that treating the SIBO resulted in almost complete elimination of the rosacea.
What we can gather from this is that skin health can be improved by rebalancing the gut microbiome. By helping beneficial bacteria thrive and killing off opportunistic bacteria, the gut (and the skin!) can return to homeostasis. 
This is where probiotics come in. Probiotics are living bacteria that are found in food and supplements. They’ve been found to improve elimination, lower inflammation, and help with nutrient absorption. Foods that are rich in probiotics include unpasteurized sauerkraut, kimchi, and yogurt. When it comes to picking a probiotic supplement, you want one that survives stomach acid and has a broad spectrum of bacterial strains, rather than a high volume of only a few strains. One great brand is Seed, which uses bacterial strains found in the human body and is clinically tested for efficacy.
But the gut isn’t the only place where bacteria affects skin health. The skin has its own set of “bugs”: the skin microbiome. These surface-level microbes do love an ingestible probiotic (the Gut-Skin Axis delivers), but sometimes they need a little nourishment of their own. Enter: Manuka honey. Referred to as “liquid gold” in New Zealand, the country from which it originates, topical Manuka honey is… pretty much that, actually.
It repairs damaged skin so well that it’s kept on hand in hospital burn units. What’s more, Manuka is a prebiotic—AKA, food for beneficial bacteria. In terms of skincare, that translates to fewer breakouts, less inflammation, more hydration, and a stronger skin barrier.
The simplest and least-sticky way to incorporate Manuka into your skincare routine is as a cleanser. Splash your face with warm water, scoop out a finger-full of plain honey, and massage it into your skin for about a minute before rinsing well. For best results, use Manuka with a UMF rating of 15+ or more. (Flora Health is a safe bet.)
When you’re done washing your face, why not swallow a spoonful and treat your gut bugs to the sweet stuff, too?
Highlights of the month:
🔥 Interested in learning more about managing a Bitcoin multisig? Sign up here to join Shannon Li for an educational bitcoin workshop next week!
🔥 We recently released a new line of Des Femmes Swag!! Huge shout out to Megan for creating these awesome looks. If you want to see something that we don’t have yet, feel free to reach out as we are always looking for fresh, new ideas.
Had the pleasure of creating some custom swag for @desfemmesmag :) Crop top + embroidered jacket. What do you guys think? 🤠 #bitcoin
🔥 Are you a University student interested in learning more about Bitcoin and open-source development? Are you an Organization interested in molding the young minds of the Web3 space? Check out The Summer of Bitcoin.
Community spotlight:
This issue we are celebrating Sarah Deng (known on Twitter as Sarah Satoshi) to thank her for contributions thus far in helping us organize several Twitter Spaces in 2021 and proving invaluable feedback on our first line of swag made by BitMegs (featured above).
Sarah Deng
Sarah Deng
Sarah is a bitcoin writer, art lover, and Des Femmes community builder. Last year she created this online educational program for Bitcoin Magazine and now she’s pivoting to focus on her own project, Ladies in Bitcoin. (We’ll definitely be looking forward to partnering with her on bitcoin programs in the future!) Sarah said the positive and encouraging community she found through Des Femmes helped her feel more comfortable claiming her own space in this challenging industry.
“This is what the heart of anything meaningful comes from — the community aspect. With Des Femmes, I help organize and facilitate different community events (like Spaces) and a few more exciting things coming up.”
If you want to get involved and meet more amazing women like Sarah, be sure to get your annual membership here on our website and let us know what you’d like to see more of in 2022.
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Until next time, stay curious!
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Des Femmes newsletter
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