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Des Femmes newsletter - Issue #3

Des Femmes newsletter
Des Femmes newsletter
Hello and welcome to the Des Femmes newsletter! 👋

While gearing up to print the first inaugural issue of our community magazine, we’re talking to badass businesswomen from all over, including venture capitalist Laurel Touby, managing director of Supernode Ventures. These days she’s busy investing in startups related to supply chain solutions. She’s also a media industry veteran, former CEO of Mediabistro, and Glamour magazine alum. She perfectly embodied our approach to building Des Femmes as community-driven media. 
“I think combining media with other things is the way to go. You don’t want to have just content. People need to commune, be together, share information with one another, and to listen to other people’s experiences,” Touby said. “That’s why you see a lot of shopping sites with [editorial] content, for example. Media is now just not ‘The New York Times’ business, it’s a part of every business. Media is eating the world.” 
(Photo credit: Gary He)
(Photo credit: Gary He)
The future of media companies is service-oriented events and networking services that create spaces and platforms for people to help themselves, together. It’s also much more freelance-friendly. People in every sector are making high-quality media as a core part of their business models. 
“I think we’re going to see more independent workers, a lot more project work, and people having more mini companies,” Touby said. “Plus, there will be people having more jobs. The average now is something close to switching jobs every 18 months.”
For Des Femmes, this means thinking about how we can grow contributors’ careers through flexible work opportunities rather than full-time staff employment. The media industry will have a lot to learn from the open source software movement, where open discussions and volunteer contributions are already normalized. Through Touby’s current venture, for example, she proves that multifaceted career paths can create unique opportunities. All types of tech companies need help with their media strategy, not only journalism companies. It’s more than okay, often encouraged, to try different jobs as your career evolves - it is what helps us blaze our own path!
“We’re focused this year on supply chain use cases and the future of work,” Touby said. “Having an investor on your side who has been a founder and also has a network of media experts as well, is incredibly important.” 
To learn more about Laurel’s inspiring career, follow her on Twitter at @laureltouby
Until next time, stay curious! 
Last month, we hosted a Twitter Spaces to chat about DAOs and women in the Crypto Space. Big thanks to @Kinjal Shah @Medha Kothari @erikan @sarah @Linda Dounia Rebeiz for leading such an inspiring talk!
For those of you who could not attend but are interested in the high-level discussion, here are some of the actionable guiding principles gathered from that convo:
  • Consider the legal structure when making your strategy. Several DAOs have two legal entities, one for the community and one for traditional fund management. 
  • Accountability relies on social reputation for known DAO members and financial/on-chain incentives for anonymous DAO participants.
  • Volunteer-based communities should keep detailed track of projects to allow for people to take breaks, or even change roles.
  • Set clear roles within the DAO. People can split off into working groups and subcommittees to keep that sense of checks and balances within the DAO. 
  • Surveys are helpful for larger DAOs when trying to find fulfilling roles for all members.
  • Be flexible with both live and asynchronous touch points so that everyone is on the same page and has the opportunity to participate.  
  • Not everything about the DAO has to start public or be open to everyone. 
  • Using NFTs to fundraise is a great way for people who aren’t already accredited investors to get involved with DAO experiments.
If you want to get more involved with our upcoming print magazine, be sure to email us at You can also find us on Twitter @DesFemmes to stay updated on our latest goings ons. Give us a follow and be sure to tune in to our next Twitter Spaces!
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Des Femmes newsletter
Des Femmes newsletter @desfemmesmag

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