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Des Femmes newsletter - Issue #4

Des Femmes newsletter
Des Femmes newsletter
Hello and welcome to the Des Femmes newsletter! 👋

I would like to take a quick second to introduce myself as the newsletter’s co-editor, Allie Ruiz! I am a Villanova grad and have spent the last 5 years in an international accounting role in New York. Now, I am also helping publish tutorials and interviews with badass women as Des Femmes Magazine! We are currently ramping up to launch the inaugural print magazine that I am so excited to help share with all of you! (Email if you want to get involved with our community!!) 
Now that you know a little more about me behind the scenes, let’s learn about Stacy Sadistic, a sex worker experimenting with bitcoin payments for the erotic video platform Transgendence
Stacy hated her old office job and started making porn on the side back in 2013. She eventually earned enough to quit her day job and become her own boss. 
“It used to be old, white, cisgender men calling all the shots but now the porn industry is changing,” she said. “I enjoy showing and focusing on safety and consent and aftercare in BDSM, which isn’t often shown in mainstream porn. Then I got into crypto four years ago. Some customers used it to buy custom videos and things like that.” 
So far she has used her bitcoin-friendly platform, Transgendence, to sell a handful of videos. She will iterate on the platform and model based on feedback, seeking an optimal balance between usability and censorship resistance. This is particularly important because she makes fetish videos about topics that are often censored on mainstream platforms like ManyVids or OnlyFans.  
“It makes me feel a lot safer, using bitcoin, because otherwise the credit card companies have so much control over my work,” she said. “They can just change the terms of service whenever, so now at least there’s a second option.” 
As an accountant, I have personally seen first-hand the importance of financial independence and crypto is the perfect vehicle for this. Having the freedom to remain financially anonymous, for all intents and purposes, is empowering. It is very encouraging to see what women are doing in the space to make it safer and, in Stacy’s case, less stigmatized. 
Although I work in a completely different field, I can relate to that feeling of financial security and peace of mind when I manage some of my own “assets” directly. I say “assets” because while the investing side is interesting and useful, for me, crypto has allowed me the opportunity to discover and share art through NFTs. As new projects emerge, the market demand for NFTs, almost across the board, has increased dramatically to the point where the once cute, harmless Pudgy Penguins (@PudgyPenguins) are now worth upwards of 200Ξ in some cases. Just goes to show that financial security is important no matter where the finances are coming from! 
Pudgy Penguins
Congratulations @realCoinUnited for acquiring Pudgy Penguin #6873 from @PudgyLuver for 225 ETH - Around $780,000 ❄️

Often considered the rarest Pudgy Penguin, #6873 is the only Penguin looking left... Check it out:
To see more of my work beyond Des Femmes, follow me on Twitter @Allie_Ruiz. If you have any questions about Stacy’s work with bitcoin, or our Des Femmes community more broadly, feel free to ask in the comments or reach out to us via Twitter or Instagram (@desfemmesmag & desfemmesmag) Until next time, stay curious!
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Des Femmes newsletter
Des Femmes newsletter @desfemmesmag

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