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Des Femmes newsletter - Issue #6

Des Femmes newsletter
Des Femmes newsletter
Hello and welcome back to the Des Femmes newsletter! 👋

As has been custom for the past few weeks, I would like to take this opportunity to introduce you all to another member of our team over here at Des Femmes, Melissa, the new head of NFT programs at Des Femmes. Melissa is the founder of Violet Summer, a technology driven content platform focused on publishing and producing products in futuristic formats. She is currently an advisor to Des Femmes Magazine, working on NFT programming and events. Her digital Zines can be experienced as an NFT on the Ethereum blockchain in VR at
While we’re still working together to produce our first print magazine (tell us about yourself if you’re keen to learn more!), we took a quick minute to gather wisdom from writer, publisher, and Logic magazine editor Xiaowei Wang.   
“We’re thinking about slower journalism that only comes out three times a year and is very much like a book,” Wang said, describing Logic magazine. 
Logic is a perfect example of bootstrapping a project; Wang said the editors all kept their day jobs and garnered 2,500 paying subscribers through slow and deliberate community-building events.
“So many readers have told me ‘I met so-and-so through a Logic event.’ That’s really at the core of what we’re trying to do, build a community centered around critical thinking,” Wang said. We here at Des Femmes couldn’t agree more. 
We also love the way Logic works with part-time and freelance workers.     
“We collectively curate commissions and we’ve managed to bring some incredible people on-board,” Wang said. “We do open calls and any money we make off of subscriptions or sales of hard copies go toward two writers and we brought on a new part-time editor Sarah Burke, formerly from Broadly. She’s been a great addition to the magazine.”
We think that will be a great way to approach scaling for our print magazine as well. Both of our magazine projects are interested in the future of NFTs. But it’s still too early to say what that will look like. 
We’re jazzed about what Wang is doing and excited to join the legacy of women publishing great tech magazines. To see more of Wang’s work, follow her on Twitter via @xrw.
In the meantime, we’ve been cooking up some magic of our own with virtual community-building events through Twitter Spaces! 
During the last Twitter Spaces (hosted last Friday, October 22nd), @kaykilbride had some very insightful takeaways regarding due diligence and professionalism:
  1. be careful to find and highlight projects with real purpose and art behind them. 
  2. Watch out for scams and rug pulls. 
  3. So much of the value in the NFT space is about community. 
Finally, Kayla recommends getting on calls with artists and leveraging traditional contracts, like nondisclosure agreements, etc.
As always, thanks so much @SatoshiSarah & @melwritesmiami for organizing our first live NFTs & Chill conversation!
If you have any questions about our Des Femmes community, more broadly, feel free to ask in the comments or reach out to us via Instagram via or Twitter @desfemmesmag. Until next time, stay curious!
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Des Femmes newsletter
Des Femmes newsletter @desfemmesmag

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