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the Des Femmes newsletter - Issue #2

Des Femmes newsletter
Des Femmes newsletter
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As you may have already guessed, the founders of the Des Femmes community are a little obsessed with the social impact of more women controlling their own money. So is Aura Finance founder Kelsey Willock, the writer behind the newsletter “Not Your Boyfriend’s Investment Advice.” She’s currently working through the final hurdles of starting a company so that her startup can soon offer a variety of investment opportunities for individuals such as yourselves!
(Photo Credit Monica King)
(Photo Credit Monica King)
Gen Z and millennial women are looking for diverse opportunities that may not come from a single source. Now, more than ever, workers desire custom career paths and often find mentors through a like-minded community. Des Femmes aims to give women the tools to do both. (Be sure to email if you want to get involved with our community!) Willock’s upcoming app is just one example of the types of tools we can use to improve our financial wellness.
Financial wellness is, in short, the ability to make decisions from a place or awareness rather than fear or compulsion. The main feature we’re excited about in the upcoming release of Willock’s app is the chat feature. In our digital (and virtual) world, people need the ability to ask real-time questions, even if they can’t afford a traditional financial advisor. We both agree that honest conversations are a huge part of financial wellness. 
“We’re trying to help people understand their relationship to money and how it impacts their day-to-day life,” Willock said. “Money and investing are both deeply emotional…it also affects how we make decisions.”
If someone asks a chatbot if they should invest in bitcoin for the first time, Willock offered as one example, there’s a lot of factors involved; it’s not as simple as “yes” or “no.” Through a combination of human experts and algorithms, the goal is to offer more conversational, approachable financial guidance.
Most people still get financial advice from significant others and family members, which means financial planning is inherently tied to our personal lives. From Aura’s beta user base, Willock learned that most users don’t have another woman in their lives they feel comfortable talking to about finance. The majority of the Aura’s beta users are young women, both Gen Z and millennials. So having access to that type of financial guidance can be a game-changer for many of them.  
“They’re looking for a place to access community and sound financial advice from people who won’t judge them,” Willock said. “Women are also more likely to keep the majority of their capital in cash, compared to male peers.”
What do you want to ask Kelsey about life as a fintech entrepreneur? Feel free to ask her questions in the comments. Until next time, stay curious! 
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Des Femmes newsletter
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